Universal Composites Recycles Plastics

We do this through domestic and international accounts across 5 continents. What started out in a home office, brokering flexible PVC scrap, has grown into a multi-segmented plastics organization with relationships across the world, recycling and repurposing a huge variety of materials, including PET, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, ABS, Nylon, BOPP, TPU, PP, PS, PC, EPS, EVA, PMMA, SAN, GPPS, HIPS, TPU, TPE, PVB, PU, and of course, both flexible and rigid PVC.

Experience and Volume

The Universal Composites Team has over 51 years experience in the plastics industry. Not only with buying and selling, but hands-on experience: segregating, processing, testing, baling, calendering, extruding, and injection molding plastics. We stand behind our materials because we know they pass OUR stringent tests.

Market Pricing

When we sell material, we frequently don't get top dollar. Now, that sounds like a strange thing to say... most companies would never mention anything like that. But, at Universal Composites, we don't mind, because we'd rather have consistent buyers and accept a lower price, than always find ourselves searching for the highest bidder. We've found that our best partners are those with constant demand and fair payment. After all, think about it... a company starving for raw materials generally isn't hungry because it can't meet its client's production demands for lack of available raw materials. Similarly, when we purchase materials, we generally don't pay top dollar either. Of course, adjustments have to be made based on market forces, but particularly in tough economic times, we try to keep our costs stable, as we like to keep our pricing to our clients steady, out of loyalty. Which brings us to Credit and Credibility...

Credit and Credibility

As in any business, one's ability to succeed depends on a lot of hard work, building relationships, and a little luck. Similarly important is purchasing power and trust, or what we call Credit and Credibility. Universal Composites is financially independent and our relationship with our creditors is AAA-1 rated. We pay our bills on time. All invoices - as negotiated - are paid in 30 days or less. No excuses.


We know that you want peace of mind. To us, scrap isn't a four letter word, but to you, it just might be! Universal tries to make your life easier, by handling the more mundane responsibilities of moving recyclables out of your building. Need gaylords? We got 'em. Need a storage trailer? We'll spot one. How about a baler? Not a problem. Trucking is also our responsibility. We will get you a certified light and heavy weight ticket, so you will get an accurate weight of your scrap materials.

If you want toll processing, we can handle that too. We'll move your materials into the right facility, where it can be ground and cleaned, or if you need it pelletized, blended, re-milled, softened, hardened, the color changed, densified, granulated, aspirated, elutriated, shredded, or even cryogenically separated, we offer that too. Your scrap, once processed, will be placed into lined boxes, palletized, and shipped back to the location of your choice. Upon request, we will offer a Certification of Destruction, so you can be secure in the knowledge that your company's merchandise has been turned into reusable feedstock for recycling.

Universal would even be happy to consult on ways of reusing your own scrap in-house. After all, we would like to build a relationship between our company and yours. We may be able to improve your bottom line, and from that, who knows what opportunities may arise.

Overseas buyers benefit from our knowledge of export shipping, and our relationship with freight forwarders. Once you secure a booking number from your steamship line representative, forward it to us, and we'll obtain a 20', 40', or 45' container, based on your needs. We will obtain light/heavy certified scale tickets, and take digital photos, as the container is loaded.


Equally principal to our success is our warehouse. We're not selling emails, faxes, and phone calls. We buy the material, bring it in, ensure its quality, sort it, and sell it. Our strength lies in the purchasing process, buying from reputable and domestic calender houses, compounders, molders, extruders, pelletizers, and other manufacturers, who use the highest quality resins in the world. Many of our suppliers are from Fortune 500 companies, and several are from the Fortune 100.